I’m Back!

October 13, 2008

Ok, so I created this blog with the high hopes of updating it often, of writing with the freqency with which I used to update Doubting the Fish…

…the last post was April.. yeah, that didn’t work.  Well, a lot has happened to me since then.  I’ve been promoted at work.  I’ve been realizing just how much work chasing a toddler around can be (and how much fun, don’t get me wrong!).  I’ve dealt with a whole CRAPLOAD of medical issues, mostly with other people and not my own.

In short, life got in the way of blogging — and come’on, you didn’t seriously think I’d choose blogging over life?  Riiight.

So here I am, and I’m back! I hope to start writing more, but I make no promises (especially do an uncaring blogosphere 😉 ).  However, I will endeavour to write as much as I can.  I’m still commited to making people aware of the beauty of life without God.  I’m still committed to talking about the meaning I make for my life, without religion pulling the marionet strings. I’m still commited to all of this.

Or perhaps I need to be committed — I’ll leave that up to the authorities to decide.